Car-radio: which model to choose?

If you love listening to music while driving, you absolutely need a quality autoradio 1 DIN or double DIN that will keep you company on all your journeys.


That’s a good thing because Best Note has developed a special autoradio shopping guide that will make it easier for you to find the device that best meets your overall expectations.

What is a car radio?

The radio for the car, also called autoradio, is an equipment that is usually integrated into all cars from the moment they are designed.

It will essentially allow you to record radio stations, but some models may also offer more advanced features, such as the ability to play audio files from a CD player or a USB connection.


However, autoradios have evolved a lot and there are now even more sophisticated models, whose features perfectly meet the needs of the most demanding users: GPS, Bluetooth, rearview camera, hands-free kit, DVD player and others.

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What’s the best car radio?

Best value for money: Pioneer’s MVH-S300BT autoradio


Perfect for those looking for an affordable car radio that fills the most useful features. This product has bluetooth to listen to music, but also to receive phone calls. Its two RCA pre-releases can also connect to another stereo component to get more power in the sound.

Best Cheap Model: ieGeek Radio MP3 Stereo Car Player


This equipment will allow you to charge your phone and listen to music on USB stick. It also has bluetooth connectivity to use a hands-free kit and stream multimedia sounds from other devices. Its dual LCD screen is clearer and offers more information.

The best high-end model: MEX N520 0bt autoradio by Sony


Here is a model of cb radio with microphone that will allow you to make phone calls, use voice commands to get your route and play music according to article 1104 of the civil code. It is even capable of pairing 2 smartphones on bluetooth and also offers a CD player, NFC, USB/AUX.